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Why QAcart

QAcart offers a unique blend of personalized training, practical experience, and expert guidance to help you excel in software testing and automation.

#1 Expert Instructors

Benefit from the guidance of seasoned instructors with extensive experience in reputable European companies. Our instructors are dedicated to your success and provide unparalleled support throughout your training journey.

#2 Personalized Approach

Experience training sessions with a maximum of 7 participants per session and a minimum of two instructors. Each student receives personalized attention and has their own laptop to code alongside the trainer, ensuring a hands-on learning experience.

#3 Project-Based Learning

Learn by doing with our project-based approach. Gain practical skills and industry best practices by working on real projects, enabling you to apply your knowledge effectively in a professional setting




Our services

Training Programs

Online, Offline, and Private Trainings: Choose from a variety of training options to suit your needs, including online courses, offline workshops, and private sessions tailored to your organization's requirements

Consultation Services

Project-Based Consultation: Partner with QAcart for customized consultation services designed to enhance your project's success. Benefit from expert advice and tailored solutions to address your specific challenges and objectives

Meetups and Talks

Community Networking: Engage with industry professionals and fellow enthusiasts at our quarterly meetups and talks focused on test automation trends, best practices, and networking opportunities
Our team

Our team!

Akshaya Gupta
Senior product manager
Sandeep Thukral
Senior product manager
Hatem Hatamleh
Senior product manager
Coming Training / September 2024

Test Automation with Playwright

Complete 12 hours of training that will make you a master playwright with TypeScript. The training includes building a framework for a real-world application, and you will code along with us!
  • Setup Project
  • Configurations.
  • Mock and stub network calls
  • Api Steps.
  • Debugging and tracing.
  • Page object design.
  • CI/CD with Github actions.
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Coming Meetup / July 2024

Hosted by ABN-AMRO / Amsterdam

Join us in our upcoming meet-up where you will meet the amazing QA community in the Netherlands and listen to talks from experts like Elias, Jome, and Sudhir!

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