Use API steps in E2E automation

Hatem Hatamleh
Automation testing can be challenging and difficult, but with the right tips and tricks, building a stable and maintainable framework can make it much easier.

Every UI Step is a chance of flakiness!

When it comes to UI testing, it's always best to keep it simple. The more steps involved, the higher the chance of encountering flakiness, which can have a negative impact on the stability, speed, and atomicity of our testing framework. Therefore, we want to minimize the number of UI steps involved in our testing process to ensure that our framework remains reliable and efficient. By doing so, we can also increase the scalability and maintainability of our testing solution, all while keeping the key ideas behind our testing approach intact.

Use API Steps

One possible way to streamline the user interface of our application is by utilizing API steps as opposed to UI steps. This would not only make the process more stable, but it could also lead to improved speed in the long run.
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